Wrapping up

After all 4 rounds have been completed, it is time to add up the scores.

Start to wrap up the podcast

Explain that the gameshow is now finished. Say something like:

“That’s the last round completed.

Move on to total up the scores. Say something like:

“It’s now time to total up your scores and see how you did.”

Recap the scores from rounds 1 to 3

There are 20 points available in each of Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3; so 60 points in total. Say something like:

“In each of the first three rounds there were 20 points up for grabs.

“In the Impossible Implementation Unit, you scored [insert points].

“In the Unsaleable Policy Division, you scored [insert points].

“For your Big Idea, you scored [insert points].

“That gives you a total of [insert points] out of a possible 60 points”

Recap the scores from the final round

There are 70 points available for each of the problems posed in the final round; so 280 points available in total. Say something like:

“In our final quick fire round there are a potential 280 points up for grabs.

“You scored [insert points].”

Add up the scores

There are 340 points available across all rounds. Ask the contestant how they feel about their performance. Say something like:

“That means your total points are [insert points] out of a possible 340. Congratulations. How do you feel?

“Points mean absolutely nothing. At least you can now go away and gloat about your policy making prowess.”

Sign off

Wrap up the episode. Use a standard sign off. Say something like:

“That’s it for this episode of the Department of Bad Ideas.

“Thank you to [insert name of guest] for joining me for today’s episode.

“If you’ve enjoyed this episode of the Department of Bad Ideas, you can subscribe to us anywhere you can get podcasts. We’re on the Apple Podcasts store, Spotify, or your favourite podcasting app. Please remember to drop us a review too.

“If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, you can be. Email me at podcast@johnpe.art or get in touch via Twitter where you can find us @PodOfBadIdeas.

“You can find out more by visiting our website at badideas.podcast.johnpe.art.

“Until next time! Thanks for listening.”