In the Thick of It

For the final round, things are very different: it’s a quick fire round. This round is all about guests thinking on their feet, so they can’t really prepare for it.

Explain how the final round works

Introduce In the Thick of It to the guest and explain how it works. Say something like:

“Now it’s time to throw you “Into the Thick of It” for our final round. This round is a quick-fire round.

“I’m going to give you a series of problems that you haven’t seen in advance, and your job is to solve that problem on the fly. The aim is for you to talk for 1 minute without hesitation or repetition.


Explain how the scoring works for this round. Say something like:

“For every second you keep talking without hesitation or repetition, you gain a point.

“You get up to 10 extra points for each question if your solution is either very funny, very practical or very original.

“You’ll be asked to solve four problems, meaning there are up to 280 points on offer in this round.”

Move on to the final scoring

Once this part of the podcast is finished, we’ll move on to the final scores.