The Unsaleable Policy Division

For the second round, you will be given a different public policy problem ahead of time. It might, again, be a real problem or a totally fictitious one. During recording, you have roughly 5 minutes to sell your solution to that problem to me.

For the second round only, the solution to this problem needs to be:

  1. actually deliverable and preferably grounded in some evidence (if you can find any!), and
  2. something people would never vote for in a million years

What you should do

You should prepare your solution in advance. Don’t prepare a verbatim script for yourself.

I will start by asking you to sum up your idea in a few sentences. I will then ask you some questions to get started based on that summary, and we’ll just have a chat about your idea for roughly 5 minutes.


Once you have finished your presentation, I will give you a score. You will be scored on the following criteria:

  • wow good your presentation is
  • the originality of the idea
  • how practical the idea is
  • whether I would personally vote for it

Each of these criteria are scored on a scale of 0 to 10 points. There are 40 points available in this round.

In this round, you will gain points if:

  1. your presentation is good
  2. your idea is original
  3. your idea will work
  4. and I wouldn’t personally vote for it