The Big Idea

For the third round, we mix things up a bit more. This time, you get to pick your own public policy problem to solve. You can choose a real problem or make up a totally fictitious scenario. During recording, you have roughly 5 minutes to sell your solution to that problem to me.

For the third round only, the solution to this problem should be the best one you can come up with. It needs to be:

  1. actually deliverable, and
  2. something people would probably vote for

What you should do

You should think of a problem to solve and your proposed solution in advance. Again, don’t prepare a verbatim script for yourself.

I will start by asking you to introduce your problem. Summarise it it in one or two sentences.

Once you’ve told me your problem, I’ll ask you to sum up your idea in a few sentences. I’ll then ask you some questions to get started based on that summary, and we’ll just have a chat about your idea for roughly 5 minutes.


Once you have finished your presentation, I will give you a score. You will be scored on the following criteria:

  • how interesting the problem is
  • how good your presentation is
  • the originality of the solution
  • how practical the solution is
  • whether I would personally vote for it

Each of these criteria are scored on a scale of 0 to 10 points. There are 50 points available in this round.

In this round, you will gain points if:

  1. you come up with an interesting problem
  2. your presentation is good
  3. your solution is original
  4. your solution will work
  5. and I would personally vote for your solution